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  • I would like to thank Marisa Millane so much for holding the incredible monthly luncheons for women in management rights. This has given us ladies an opportunity to meet others in the same industry, discuss concerns, and learn new tricks from the knowledge of others who have been in the game for many years. Most of all it’s the incredible friendships made by attending these luncheons I am most grateful for. Marisa is always welcoming and makes the day so much fun! What a GREAT event for women to attend…Thank you as always Marisa for making this event possible and for all the help and guidance you have shared with us through our journey in management rights -for this we will always be truly grateful.

    Candice Burleigh Esplanade Apartments
  • I have been attending the women in management rights (WIM) luncheons now for over 3 years. Initially, it was a bit daunting as I was not only new to the industry but also new to Queensland. As such, I did not know anyone, other than the ladies from Think Management Rights who were very welcoming. Personally, I feel the luncheons have evolved so positively over the last 3 years, Marisa does a great job organizing the luncheons and shares the location of the luncheons around to support a wide variety of local businesses all over the Gold Coast. In doing this there is always a diverse range of lunches for us all to share together each month. It is great to have an opportunity to network with the service providers and other management rights operators. It is good to see newbies attend who are usually looking a bit stressed but tend to leave looking much more relaxed knowing that everyone in the industry is there to support them if they choose to ask for advice. It would be great to see more management rights operators attend in the future!

    Tracey Manager at Moorings On Cavill Apartments
  • Being new to Management Rights several years ago, I was so grateful when I was introduced to this group of lovely ladies. The monthly get together’s became a blessing for me and something I look forward to attending every month. It is a friendly place to share your experiences and knowledge or just get some much-needed advice. Marisa has done a wonderful job bringing together industry specialists in this relaxed environment organising a different venue every month. I’m always happy to share the knowledge I have obtained and look forward to these lunches continuing for years to come.

    Carolyn Plummer Robina Quays Manager
  • I have been attending the ‘Ladies in Management’ (as it was previously known) lunches for many years now – in fact not sure just how many! I have to say Marisa has brought about a fabulous new re-invigoration of these lunches and I do look forward to catching up with ladies from every facet of our industry each month. It’s great to see the evolution into ‘Women in Management Rights’ and the Brisbane and Sunshine Coast also benefiting – awesome job Marisa!!

    Lyn Stephens The Breakers
  • When embarking on a new journey into the Management Rights industry. Initially, it was challenging, requiring tremendous drive and dedication, significant investment of time (and money) and faced with obstacles and complications, sometimes not knowing how to deal with issues or who to turn to. This is where WIM comes in. This group has helped me tap into knowledge and support from other women in the same industry. It brings together tips for finding and utilizing resources, networking, support and encouragement from other women. These are women I can really resonate with. It’s like our own little tribe of support, the best advice and access to the best services required in the industry. Each of the women I have met have been generous with their time, connections and provide an empathetic ear? When you’re generous with your support, the ladies are standing right next to you when it’s your turn to ask for help or share something that makes you feel vulnerable. At the end of the day, most of us are experiencing very similar issues. It also introduces us to some great events, educational sessions and discussions. Personally, I think it’s a great community and each month, we freely vent, go drinking, eat gorgeous food whilst sharing trade tips and tricks (some of the tricks are just good to talk about but we don’t do them really 😊). In summary, it is a great way to build a diverse circle of female friends and see all of them as a resource with a unique perspective whilst sharing the love!

    Yvonne Lawton Property Manager - North View Park - Chevron Island Property Manager - Delfino - Chevron
  • Marisa’s open friendly manner is a perfect reflection of the Women In Management Lunches she hosts. The ladies in the Management Rights industry look forward to these monthly events to catch up with friends, share experiences and link arms to support each other. The lunches offer up great food, wine and industry speakers to mix some learning in with the fun. If you’re in the industry the Women in Management Lunches are a must! See you there!

    Kristine Lehmann Lehmann Rights


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